The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce is an umbrella organization merging the efforts of our membership by providing consulting services, seminars, workshops, marketing, networking, legislative information and procurement opportunities to our membership.
We are an organization of businesses whose main function is to promote and facilitate business to all US Hispanic Retailers. HRCOC stands for promoting business and preserving the traditions of our community.
The HRCOC is filling a void in all Hispanic Retail sector in US, makes it well placed to represent medium and small retail businesses.
Today, the Hispanic business community is the fastest growing sector of the US economy. The US Hispanic market alone produces revenue of billions of dollars a year. Your HRCOC is a vital access point for business opportunity in our Hispanic Business community as well as to our growing representation.

Julio Ibanez


Julio Ibanez is an Executive Retailer and Advisor of retail companies passionate in the improvement of strategic and financial performance with more than 20 years of experience at an international level. It has helped numerous European, American, Caribbean and Latin American retailers create significant value for shareholders and improve financial performance. He has advised numerous leading chains in all key sectors, including the formats of department stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, express formats and import-export companies of food and beverages. Julio Ibanez is member of the Abasto Magazine, from June 2019 Julio was elected President-Chairman of The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce.

José Alberto Sanchis

Institutional Vice President

Jose Alberto Sanchis is an executive and entrepreneur established in Washington DC with more than 40 years experience launching successful global business ventures. Mr. Sanchis has a Law degree from the University of Navarra, Spain, graduate degrees from IESE Business School in Barcelona and IPADE Business School in Mexico, an MBA from the University of Miami and a Master´s in Mobility Studies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid. He also holds a Certificate in New Technologies from UNED (National Open University) in Spain, and a Degree in Methodology and Didactics from the University of Valencia. He also holds an LNV Executive Education program at the Harvard Business School. Mr. Sanchis is also Founder & CEO of the GON INTERNATIONAL GROUP and PAELLA FEST GLOBAL, both located at Washingon DC.

Daniel Esteban Novoa

Executive Vice President & Co Founder

Argentine born in the province of Neuquén city of Zapala. He is a businessman with a financial background, he considers himself a born entrepreneur, passionate about the idea of ​​being independent despite how difficult that path is.
Daniel argues that your work, is based on the use of new technologies oriented towards the growth of the SBG company, of which he is President and Founder of South America Business Group, with presence in 36 countries and headquarters in the US. His flagship area is the wholesale retailer, maintaining permanent contact with supermarket networks, manufacturers and producers.
SBG is made up of different subsidiaries such as Diario Retail Sudamerica Business, SBG Retail Purchasing Center, Consultora Sudamerica Business Retail LLC, Virtual Expo Americas Retail Food Show. Always looking towards the service sector to promote Hispanic retail, Daniel is also a Founding Partner of The Hispanic Retail Chamber of Commerce “The Latin voice of Retail in the US territory.”

Nelson Pereira

Director of Communications

Nelson Pereira is an international communicator with experience in the whole media field. He is our Hispanic Retail Media (TV, Radio, Press, Online Channels…) Director.

Veronica Franco

Delegated México

Delegated México

Ramón Ortiz

Operations Director

Operations Director

Pilar Macchiavello

Delegated República Dominicana

Delegated República Dominicana

Ricardo Duarte

Sao Paulo Director

Sao Paulo (Brazil) Director

Pablo Bergesio

Sudamerica Director

Executive with vast experience in the retail and supermarket channel, more than 25 years of experience in senior management and management positions. Expert in financial crises in countries with high volatility and hyperinflation. Market development in Import. / Export. programs. Leadership skills, assembling a solid and efficient team, generating leaders for managerial and leadership positions.

Oswaldo Cruz

Mergers & Acquisitions Director

Mergers & Acquisitions Director

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