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Edificio oficinas
Edificio oficinas

Our mission is to be the voice of US Hispanic Retail businesses and represent their interests and priorities to government and in the media.

The HRCOC is the Hispanic Retail most representative business network, with partnerships in the whole Nation and LATAM, serving members of every size and retail sector (supermarkets, food & beverages distributors…). That makes us the youngest US Hispanic Retail organitazion defending latino retailer community.



We promote and facilitate the business of all Hispanic retailers in the United States, preserving the traditions of our community.


We provide consulting services, seminars, workshops, marketing, networking, legislative information, and procurement opportunities for our membership.


Today, the Hispanic business community is the fastest growing sector of the US economy. The HRCOC is filling a void in all Hispanic Retail sector in US, makes it well placed to represent medium and small retail businesses.


The US Hispanic market alone produces revenue of billions of dollars a year. Your HRCOC is a vital access point for business opportunity in our Hispanic Business community as well as to our growing representation.

Hispanic Supermarkets Chains

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